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Smith is Acquitted; a Reason for Outrage?

The Supreme court has spoken, smith is not guilty. It was “a spontaneous, unplanned romantic episode with both parties carried away by their passions and stirred up by the urgency of the moment caused probably by alcoholic drinks they took…”

What does this mean? Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith can go back home a free man with his dignity restored and he has nothing to be ashame of. He can see friends, relatives, and people around head up; he could be called immaculate had not the court ruled he had a consensual sex with a drunk Filipina. A, smith is no longer a virgin, he proved himself a “fucker.” Perhaps there could have been a repeat performance had he properly parted with her with a word, Thank you.

Suddenly the moment of parting came and the Marines had to rush to the ship. In that situation, reality dawned on Nicole—what her audacity and reckless abandon, flirting with Smith and leading him on, brought upon her.

“That must have been shattering. But added to this was the mocking moment she heard from inside the van: ‘Leave that bitch!’ or words to that effect, which really broke her as she shouted back her denial: ‘I am not a bitch!’,” the court went on.

From the court’s point of view, Nicole cried rape out of shame—“dumped in a curb literally with her pants down”—upon the thought of her mother and boyfriend Brian.

“She had to hit back in the only way she could—to salvage at least a vestige of her self-esteem,” the court concluded.

So smith is the loser, he had been sentenced and jailed for sometime for an offense he did not commit at all. He has the looks every woman is looking for which they term in Filipino “makalaglag panty.” What about Smith’s compensation for a lost virginity or innocence of his manhood (if ever he had at the time he was on top of Nicole)? Maybe Nicole should even be thankful to Smith for giving her the taste of glory from a good looking guy.

But this is not so from public perception. Nicole was a victim and deserve to get justice on the shame and pain inflicted on her. It’s unfortunate, the appellate court look at it the other way around. For how could she convinced the court it was rape when it found no evidence to show “force, threat, and intimidation.” If ever Nicole was drunk, then she could not “danced non-stop to the urgent beat of rock and hip-hop music in an inebriated state for 15 minutes without stumbling clumsily on the floor.”  

She lied including the other witnesses, if I were to interpret what the court said as: 

This gap in her narration with the malingering explanation that she was dizzy and could not remember is dubiously fanciful for being what the court perceptively describes as contrary to ordinary experience of man,” the court said.

The court found the testimonies given by three persons at the Neptune Club who described Nicole’s supposed drunken state to be “rehearsed.”

The court was suspicious that the witnesses uniformly used the word “pasuray-suray” (walking unsteadily as if swaying) in describing Nicole before the court, but they never used the word when they spoke to investigators.

“The uniform description gives the impression that the testimonies were rehearsed,” the court said.

Unfortunately Nicole is no longer here and neither her mom is interested to pursue to the case to the Supreme Court. Nicole is now in the US and probably will be married soon to her boyfriend. Perhaps Smith could be invited also to the wedding and give his best wishes to the bride and groom.

But then this is not what most people think about. Not that Smith was not guilty, he may have been lucky the victim prefered to doubt if she was raped at all. Of course we respect the decision of the court. The magistrates were trained to evaluate cases based on evidences. Ours may only be a conjecture, it may not be the truth. But who has the truth, or at least closest to the truth.

To most of the Filipina women, probably Smith’s acquittal may only suggest one thing, the danger that Filipina women can be raped anywhere and may not get justice at all.



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Ceasefire from Politics

It’s Lenten Season again , a time for Christians to meditate on the atoning grace of Christ’s and the agony of His sacrifice and  death at the cross of Calvary only to save this once lost humanity. He died at the cross to restore man’s right to eternal life. The essence of Christ sacrifice is to bring back God’s glory to mankind taking away our sins.
While we recollect Christ death at the cross, we also commemorate on His resurrection; it is an opportune  time to forgive and  bury the pains  of conflicts, hatred, and separations of the past. Now is the time for family and friends, who have unsettled differences in the past, to forgive each other and start life anew. It is also time to set aside political differences; declare a multilateral ceasefire and refrain from political bickering. 
Easter is a time to rejoice on  Christ’s  resurrection and victory over death; it is also time for us to resurrect in the spirit of love and harmony. Christ, taking our place at the cross, as has been negated us from the consequencies of our fatal mistakes. Due to our  human frailties, he allows us to bear his own righteousness so we could stride in unison to the direction of peace and reconcillation; it’s time for us to sort up conflicts and differences to make us one solid nation.
This is the best time to  broker for peace and unity among our people; it is a time to love and bridge gap brought about by bitter political rivalries and patisanship. How many souls do find rest when they excercise humility instead pride, forgiveness instead hatred?
After going through a grueling stance of political conflicts and recriminations, being a Christian nation we need to  exercise the spirit of forgiveness and repentance.  It is about time that we should move on, seek respite from the degrading acts of political treachery, persecutions, and destabilization;  never again that we should  be swallowed  by the greed,  designs . and propagation of dirty politics.
Christ Himself forgave those who crucified him, those who humiliated and falsely accused Him of wrong doing. Even at the fading moments of His life He never ceased to be compassionate; he even mediated to the Father to understand rather than punish those who persecuted Him, “forgive them for they know not what they are doing.”
It is of this same essence that we must learn how to forgive and forget the wrong which others had done to us. It is high time for us to examine ourselves and repent from  the numerous sins we have committed in the past; meanwhile it is also time to make a decision and turn away from the same greavest misconducts we do commit time and again.  
In politics, its time to find ways we could align  political stand with our foes. It is time to realize the significance of setting aside dirty politics and find an end to the numerous issues of graft and corruption in the government. It is time to reconsider our position allowing all avenues to flow unsparingly in the search for truth.

May this nation stand firm in the righteousness and glory of God. 


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