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In Aid of Grandstanding?

It’s unfornate that it took the life of a General (a resource person in Senate?) for the public to realize that there’s a need now for our lawmakers in both houses of Philippine Congress to be more considerate and kinder in the manner they ask questions to whoever is invited to attend hearing in aid of legislation.

Our good congressmen and senators should realize that they are not in court or police stations interrogating an ordinary suspect while conducting committee hearings in aid of legislations. These are people with honor and dignity to protect no matter how they have been linked to various corruptions and irregularities in the government. They are visitors, are they not supposed to be treated well? Of course we want to know the truth, but there are better ways to cull out information apart from intimidating and shaming them before the public. In addition, we need statesmen rather than vindictive solons and congressmen.

Of course every lawmaker knows the bound and limits of his authority; and at all time should observe proper decorum while perfoming his task as a congressman or a senator. Setting this aside will lead us to the question; what are these congressional investigations all about? In aid of legislation or in aid of grandstanding?

Kabayan Noli de Castro (former senator and Vice President) and Ted Failon (former congressman) shared their observation in a morning radio program about senators and congressmen who are media conscious. They tend to outdo one another everytime they learn they are on live TV coverage. According to Kabayan and Ted Failon some lawmakers suddenly turned “split personality” everytime they see cameras focused on them while on the floor. Before the TV camera has taken footages on them they speak mildly, but all of the sudden they become bombastic to make an impression as the camera already grinds in front of them. Media conscious? In aid of publicity?

The least we want our congressmen and senators do is to remiss with their duties and responsibilities as people representatives in the Philippine Congress. We don’t even want them to be permanent members of the “silent majority.”
But to be noisy and grandstanding all the time that’s unacceptable.


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