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Gays in the Military, Time is Changing

Gone are the days when the military organization was a close system. Time has changed and they are adopting now to the changing landscape of the socio-political environment they operate. First they recruited women to serve in the military not only to do light duties but to become combatants as well. And now they want the gays, yes the gays to become part of the human component that comprise the military establishment. 

This is a welcome development to the socio-political and economic environment where the military exists. The constitution guarantees the right of every person including his sexual preferences. His/her right to serve his/her country as a soldier is also part of that constitutional right. It’s a long time overdue that the Philippine military has only thought of to comply  recently.

Here is a portion of that report from (03/04/2009):

Gay men can go to war with brave Filipino soldiers, a military spokesman said as he announced Wednesday that members of the third sex can apply for enlistment in the Philippine Army.

“We welcome them. We welcome everybody. We don’t discriminate [gay] people here,” Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner Jr., Army spokesman, told ABS-CBN’s morning show, “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

Brawner said as long as an applicant is physically, emotionally and mentally fit, the Army would be proud to enlist them, including gay people.

“They are allowed [and] of course they will have the same assignments. They can also go to war,” the Army spokesman added.

Brawner clarified that the Army or any other units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines does not discriminate gay people, including bisexual men.

Over the year I have seen various people who are gays serving the government and the private sectors holding sensitive positions as CEOs and lower level officials. They are doing good. Many of them are sincere, dedicated, well motivated on their jobs, and with unblemished reputation in public service. It’s a civilian job alright but can’t they do the same given the change of leadership in the military?

But in a highly masculine dominated system where the highest ranks in service are relegated only to the male servicemeni, it will take time before an enlisted personnel or a junior officer will get use to saluting and taking orders of command from a gay officer or a general.

But the way is already paved,  gay soldiers will soon be a common sight in the military. Gays the time is here.



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