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The Perceived Defeat of the Reproductive Health Bill, Could the Church Coerce Congress?

If we believe on what the  Roman Catholic church on Thursday that it has sufficient support in the Philippine congress to defeat a “controversial family planning bill promoting sex education and the use of contraceptives” then we expect chaos brought about by unabated increase of population in the country.

The bishops according to Maria Fenny Tatad, executive director of the church lobby group Bishops-Legislators Caucus of the Philippines, believe they have a number of congressmen in the House of Representatives who could block the passage of the Reproductive Health Care Act. Out of the 238 members of the House of Representatives only 99 congressmen do support the bill.

Only 99 members of the 238-member House of Representatives have openly said they will support the Reproductive Health Care Act, while the rest are expected to side with the church, Tatad said. Population control is a highly politicized issue in the Philippines, where more than 80 percent of the 90 million population are Catholics.

I am not sure how true is this claim but the Catholic church in the Philippines “wields considerable public influence, frowns on any artificial form of birth control and has been waging a high-profile campaign to block the passage of the bill, which is now before congress,” as circulated in the news. However recent surveys showed that most Catholics are in favor of family planning and sex education to be taught in the public school. What is the Catholic church trying to imply with this statement? Are the bishops giving the public the impression that the Catholic church maintains a strong influence in the House of Representatives? I don’t think the Catholic church has that control anymore on the people in so far as population issues are concerned. It is highly improbable for the Catholic church to make one politician lose during the next election just because he supported the Reproductive Health Bill. I still believe people vote with their conscience not on what the church says. So there is no basis of that fear for congressmen losing because the priests control the minds of their parishioners. 

Philippine Population Commission has always mentained the importance of curbing incidence of birth so as not to overpopulate the country. The Philippine population growth rate of 2.04 according to International aid agencies and economists is one of of Asia’s highest. But the Catholic church is against these International agencies supporting the Reproductive Health Bill that will curb rapid population growth but insures the health of women on reproductive ages.

Contrary to what the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life say, the Reproductive Health Bill which includes family planning program, sex education, and advice on birth control, may not necessarily immoral. It only enhances people perspectives on reproductive  health and propagate values on responsible parenthood. Liberal minded people these days may understand which is socially appropriate without necessarily being “immoral.”


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Obama is now the 44th US President, there is nothing else you can do Colegiala girl

I know he is going to win. He has all the indications to win. People love him. It is not the race but a promise of better economy that made him win. He is bi-racial, it is wrong to say he is the first African American to win as the president of the United States. He is not a hero like McCain, but he knows what it takes to be a hero. He is popular among the poor being a community organizer and having been exposed to the poverty of South East Asia. He deserves to win. Perhaps the world will be a more peaceful and productive world with him as the president of the United States. Perhaps war in Middle East would soon be over and thousands of American soldiers in Iraq will be home to be with their love ones in the the US. War is bitter, we are all losers. We need peace for that’s the only way the world would be peaceful and prosperous. 

Kaya Colegialagirl huwag ka nang malungkot. Huwag ka nang umiyak. Sayang lang ang iyong mga luha. Tanggapin mo na ang katotohanan na sawang-sawa na ang buong mundo sa giyera. Kailangang ang isang taong may malasakit sa kapayapaan, isang taong ayaw sa digmaan, at isang taong gumagamit ng mga mapayapang pamamaraan para lutasin ang mga gusot  sa sandaigdigan.

Mabuhay ka Obama. Ikaw talaga ang nahirang para maging pangulo ng America. Nasa iyong mga kamay ngayon ang kapayapaan, panindigan mo sana ang iyong mga pangako at gawan ng paraan itong global economic crisis. Nasa iyong mga palad ang Kapalaran ng buong daigdig. Huwag mo sanang palalampasin ang pagkakataong ibinigay sa iyo. Napili ka bilang pangulo ng America dahil naniniwala sila na masa karapat-dapat kang pagkatiwalaan kay sa iyong katunggaling si McCain. Kaya lang sir, huwag mo sanang bibigoin ang lahat na sumuporta sa iyo.

At sa iyo naman Colegiala girl, dahil si McCain ang pinili mo, karapat-dapat ka lang na magpakain sa akin. Kasi kung si McCain naman ang nanalo, pakakainin din kita ng libre kagaya nang gagawin mo sa akin ngayon. Huwag ka nang malungkot na natalo si Sarah Palin dahil nandiyan pa rin si Vilma Santos. Anong malay mo siya ang mananalong Vice-president sa 2010. E di parang nanalo na rin si Sara Palin. Di ba magkamukha sila?

Hindi sa ako ay nangangantiyaw sa iyo, pero saan mang labanan ay may nananalo at may natatalo. Nagkataon lang ako ang nanalo sa ating pustahan kaya dapat lang na paninidigan mo ang ating kasunduan. Huwag kang mag-alala. Hindi naman ako matakaw gaya nang sinabi mo. Pero titiyakin ko sa iyon kulang ang isang pizza para sa akin. At iyong japanese food, maaring pag-usapan natin na kapag nakuha mo na lang ang iyong bonus. Huwag ka sanang malulungkot dahil sa bawat pagkabigo ay may naghihintay ng tagumpay.

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