The Power of the President to Spend More

What will you do if you have an over-all savings of 106 billion from the 2007 government budget as a result of re-enacted budget? Critics to the President accused her administration of causing forced savings from the budgets of certain key departments in order to realign funds for pet projects that may possibly benefit her allies for their campaign funds for their campaign funds during the 2010 presidential election.

Is the allegation correct?  

As reported by Gemma Bagayaua posted in allegations of forced savings “arose after lawmakers noticed a provision in the 2009 National Expenditure Program that shows that “Over-all Savings” for the year 2007 amounted to P106 billion, which included P29.9 billion in transfers from the budget of the Department of Education for that year. “

This prompted opposition congressman Teofisto Guingona III to say that, “budgets of certain departments in 2009 (as in 2007) may be deliberately bloated so that they can incur savings. Guingona said this will provide Malacañang with disposable funds that may be redirected to other agencies and may be used to advance political ambitions of certain individuals.” 

However Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya pointed out, “If we stepped on the gas then the P106 or so billion would have been added to the deficit posted that year. To call for the release of this money is to become an apostle of unmanageable deficits,” he said in defending. the amount posted under “Over-All Savings.” 

Further Andaya said that the “expenditure ceiling” for 2007 was P1.136 billion but only P1.012 billion in allotments was released. 

But the bureau director from the budget department who explained earlier to the ABS- CBN news correspondent about the bloated savings as a result of re-enacted budget insisted, that said amount could have been released since “there is no law that prevents the budget department from releasing all the new appropriations for the year, including the continuing appropriations from the previous year’s budgets.” 

Not Saving at the Expense of Social Service 

Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya assured the public that the government is not saving at the expense of Social Services. Well and good, but again the question what will they do with the bloated savings of 106 billion from the 2007 government budget? 

There is a perception that the president will get more spending power with re-enacted budget. Prolonging budget deliberations does not in anyway hurt the president. In fact she will be assured of more funds to spend. And when she spends funds transferred to overall savings she spends it in any projects she wishes including those that benefit her allies. 

So there is no truth at all to the statement of Budget Secretary Andaya that the government is not saving at the expense of social services. In health services you could just imagine how many medicines to benefit the poor could be purchased with that savings, and how many school buildings could have been constructed to accommodate more pupils in the public schools, etc. 

As tax payers, it is my sovereign duty to demand the government to spend wisely the tax payers’ money for the benefit of the public, but not for their own political advantage.



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15 responses to “The Power of the President to Spend More

  1. kidlatanvillage

    Really we have that huge amount of savings. I agree with you secondlady that we should be more watchful this time that people should get back their taxes in terms of services.

  2. kidlatanvillage

    There is really a danger for the executive branch to operate on re-enacted budget. This is susceptible to misuse of funds, specially that the president is given here more power to spend tax payers money.

  3. Doc.bobonyo

    Now I got ya, hahaha. Nice place to visit. I like your post secondlady about the president’s expanded power to spend the tax payer’s money. All I could say, our people in the government should think first of the interest of the people before spending any single centavo from the government’s funds. Thanks.

  4. Mer Pints

    Operating on re-enacted budget is very advantageous to the administration if the interntion is to serve the party’s interest.
    But what about the interest of the people? That above 100 billion pesos huge savings may mean so much in upgrading our educational program, health services, and funding social welfare and development programs and projects.

  5. cocoy826

    Now.I find you.Hehehehe! But,anyway,after reading Cayetano’s never ending Privilege speech,I am more convinced than ever that this “howley” senators will do whatever it can to cover up unethical, incompetent or practices of criminal nature of Villar.But yet Cayetano, after having whipped up the degree of hysteria solely for a political game that he have yet to see realized, continue with the tactics of opposition division and innuendo in attempt to irresponsibly cause a loss of confidence in Lito Lapid’s Senate which he is a chairman most of the time juggling his pencil.

    These clowns in the Senate,they, themselves have caused the public to lose confidence in them.

    Cayetano faces the sharp uphill climb trying to dig out of the deep negative hole on Lacson, dug himself and his colleagues in connection with these 200 million tongpats insertion which he called only a spare change,nothing could be farther from the truth.As an opposition one of Lacson’s mandates is to stimulate the best from the government.In this case within the Tongpats he have pointed out gross mismanagement, corruption, unethical behavior, incompetence or call it whatever you choose Allan, Senator Bianzon is pissing off on his pants,wait until he visit his barber at Supercut and you’ll see.

    Don’t be fooled Allan into thinking that this type of corrupt, unethical and yes – criminal by any other standard – behavior won’t continue. It will merely be done more discreetly than before as the same mistakes won’t happen twice.Until Villar stops spinning this issue and acknowledges that he have a serious problem, I doubt Lacson will stop shooting. So far what little has been done to address this has been conducted in a boycott manner.Lacson will take his allied senators in the ballpark and teach them some batting practice.Most reasonable people are aware that Villar can’t just rock the foundation and walk away unconcerned.

  6. cocoy826

    Cocoy’s Delight

    forward me your URL and I connect it on my blog.

  7. secondlady

    Manong Cocoy and all the other bloggers,
    Salamat. I’d been “hiding” for a while because I didn’t have a more recent post to share. Thanks for coming, and I hope to read your comments again.

  8. cocoy826

    Love raeding you.Couldn’t wait for your next Topic.Hehehe!

  9. Mer Pints

    Did he come to see you? Nagpaparamdam na ba ang IT mgr. hehehe.

  10. Mer Pints

    Hey secondlady lumabas ka naman diyan, tama na ang pabyuti. I just landed some punches to some igonorant jerks at CD. I’ve done my part to stand for the rights and integrity of the poor, ikaw naman ang bumanat, hehehe.

  11. secondlady

    Hi Mer, akala ko it’s the magpapandesal. Hmmm. makukurot kita, niririto mo ako ha? Sorry I am not interested. Inggit ka, nagpaparamdam na.

    If you want to waste your time with some unstable personality and illogical fiendish organisms in the blogging world, go ahead and enjoy it haha.

  12. very good post. pero you know what i really wish they could spend it for more worthy causes. like education, for one. a real, thorough and honest-to-goodness reform in education in 1995 per my calc, would require about 7 billion u.s. dollars. that’s a little conservative pa. ramos was the president at the time. and he didn’t like the idea i think because the proposal was thrown into the garbage can. now it would amount to something like 18 billion u.s. dollars. 106 billion pesos is measly in comparison. and to think that only a few cents of it might go to reforming our educational system, if those peeps are thinking straight.

  13. cocoy826

    You’ve been quiet Lately.
    There is very little I can do about my guest Renato. He is not willing to communicate rationally and thus effectively deprive himself from the wisdom accumulated by others. He allow his egos to consume his minds and bodies and cage himself in small habitual cells in which he can feel safe. People like him do not accept logic. When pressed to use logic, He will frequently attempt to move the talk away from the topic at hand.

    I meditate a lot to be able to keep my kind of level of calm, peace, and clarity during his emotionally heated argument with some CD bloggers. I have to figure out how to confront Renato. Lately, I feel like my brain died, leaving nothing but rotten emotions behind.

    I can imagine myself helping this man cure his mental ills as well as helping himself all he want, but the fact is, He is probably doing nothing more than feeding his ego of a super-human-never-lose-any-word-battle- martial arts master.I let Yhen enjoy his company in her blog and wish them good luck.Hehehehe!

  14. secondlady

    Oh thanks for the visit Manong Cocoy, I have been busy lately. But I’m glad I now have the time to blog with you guys again.
    I understand you blocked Renato’s inappropriate comments, he deserves it anyway. You have been kind and very accomodating to him earlier but he abused your hospitality. Sorry na lang siya.

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