Ces Drillon’s “Endless Nights” in Sulu— anybody interested to develop it into a “telenovela” for the network?

Ces Drillon herself wrote about her captivity in the jungles of Sulu which can be developed into a movie or a “telenovela” for the network(anybody there interested?). She describes her ordeal in Sulu that being a captive,” the nights seemed endless.”

As an ABS-CBN senior correspondent, little did she know that she was to cross the line from “a reporter chasing a story to becoming the story—and make headlines for many days” as she waded through the thick jungle of Sulu.

Ces Drillon, in a three-part series, will share the details of her kidnapping in her own version of the story such as  “her attempts to negotiate with her captors, the threat to behead one of them, and describes who these kidnappers are.” With her exact account on the circumstances behind her kidnapping, she may shed light as to who were those responsible and had to be prosecuted in the interest of justice.

Kidnappers in her account were nothing but bandits. “They had no ideology, only cruel force and lust for money.” Again Drillon will not be talking in reference only to her ordeal but the truth behind the “never ending” issue of kidnapping in Sulo.

The “lust for money” may not necessarily mean for Abu Sayaff bandits alone. But how about looking into the angle of probability that there may be some powerful people behind who are in cahoots with these marauding bands of “kidnap for ransom,” evils that this perilous problem and threat persist?

Will Ces Drillon be the most credible witness and a resource person to this problem/issue should Senate takes interest in looking at the journal of this ace reporter for inquiry in aid of legislation? What is really the truth behind Ces Drilon’s abduction? Perhaps her journal may provide the answer in quest for the truth.


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One response to “Ces Drillon’s “Endless Nights” in Sulu— anybody interested to develop it into a “telenovela” for the network?

  1. Mer Pints

    Developing Ces Drilon’s kidnapping story will be good for the Network’s rating on prime time telenovelas.

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