He Saves to Die

Everyday we hear amazing stories of people unmindful of their death because of their attempt to save others. A great number of them are popular figures, men and women in world’s history, and the rests are ordinary people in the streets.

The most amazing story of human sacrifice is the crucifixion of Christ. He died to save mankind from sin. He died that man may live an eternal life; all because of God’s love to mankind.

Many faithful followers of God also died for their faith and the light of the truth they stand for. National heroes for every country died to gain freedom and save people from their oppressors.

Even ordinary people die to save others, and example set by Christ. And so with this ordinary man from the Philippines, he died saving someone not personally related to him.

Here is the story:

Man who saved kids from electrocution dies a hero

A man who saved his young neighbor from being electrocuted died in a General Santos City hospital recently. His death, however, was not in vain because the child he rescued from certain death has considered him a hero for the feat.

“He’s a hero to me, to us,” said France Quiapo, 8.

The child said he is grateful to Abelardo Bombita, Jr. who was rushed to hospital and was placed in critical condition after the incident.

Quiapo said he and friend Jesmark Barrete, 11, were playing Tuesday morning when he tried to get his slipper that his playmate threw on the roof.

He climbed on the roof but it was too late when he realized that there was electrical current running on it, Quiapo said.

The shock caused the child to fall unconscious.

Barrete tried to follow Quiapo but collapsed as well.

Neighbors said Bombita tried to save Quiapo but he too, was electrocuted.

After 29 hours in the Intensive Care Unit, Bombita died.

Bombita’s father, Abelardo, said the family is not holding Quiapo responsible for the death.

“It was an accident,” he said.

From a report of Chat Ansagay, ABS-CBN General Santos

We Only Live Once

People don’t have nine lives but still act heroically when the need arises. Many wonder as to the source of their heroism; is it because of their faith in God, their patriotism, their selflessness and humanitarian spirit, their philosophy in life, and abundance of love in their heart. Or are there people who are born to be heroes?

But some practical observers think the other way around. Situation and incidents make people heroes. People plunge themselves to danger because of human instinct to survive. Saving others may also mean saving themselves on that particular danger. Is it?


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