The Music Continues

“Kulot,” his mom was calling him; apparently excited with her voice crackling as though bitten by a viper.

“What,” he shouted back at the top of his voice. He made it sure he was heard loud enough to spare himself from hearing unwanted early morning homily.

“Have you read the paper today?”

“No, how could I, you grabbed it first.”

She is a single parent who devoted all her life to this cute and handsome lad born out of wedlock. She nicknamed him “Kulot” because of his African lineage.

Breakfast was now ready; his mom sat at her favorite corner and started drinking her cup of tea.

“What is in the news today mom?”

“Leah Navarro is humming a different tune today son.”

“What song?”

“Bayan Ko to the tune of Rock the Boat Baby…”


“What for,” he asked while dipping his pandesal in a cup of coffee. 

“She doesn’t like Erap and Cory briefly addressing that mammoth crowd in Ayala.”

“Bakit naman? Is it bad to greet multitudes of people including your supporters who were there because of your presence?”

“Iyon nga, no politician daw should be allowed to speak during the Inter-faith Rally. Kaya nga daw nag-walkout ang mga taga civil society.”

 “And so after the walkout, Leah Navarro sang Walk Away with Faith?”

“Ang gulo mong kausap.”

Kulot noted his mom frowning. He tried to dispel his mom’s disgust by pretending to be serious in discussing politics with her.

“Seriously speaking, do you think GMA shall give up the presidency for Kabayan Noli to continue?”

His mom smiled. Kulot knows his way to please his mom; talk to her anything about religion and politics.

“You know Kulot; this will go a long way according to Tita Cory. So brace yourself.  Even if the President shall lift EO 464 as demanded by the CBCP, Kabayan Noli, and the La Salle 60, GMA stays in power until 2010.”

“So useless lang ang ating pagra-rally; GMA is not resigning. He is fortified by the police and military. He has the resources of the government to court support from the local executives. Tignan mo naman ang mga unity walks nila sa Malacanang.”

“Kulot, the Lord has His own way to end evil things. Sa mga panahon na ito, all we need is prayer for discernment. Sana gumising na ang bayan sa matagal na niya pagkakahimbing.”

As a practicing Christian, his mom is in for the search of truth and good governance. As a former owner and operator of a karaoke bar and a night club, exclusively for rich tourists and politicians, she knows what it means to be greedy; she knows that a strong appetite for money can never be moderated except through a genuine repentance and reconciliation with God.

 Luckily for her, she found her way to the Lord. She may not have the comfort of her wealthy life before, but she has now the assurance of not losing her soul.

“So mom, tuloy pa rin ang laban… The struggle will continue no matter what it costs for the sake of justice and truth?” He looked at her mom.

“The ZTE broadband scandal is only the tip of the iceberg. Marami pang anolmalya ang gobiernong ito na dapat nating malaman at tuldokan. Anong malay mo Supreme Court will rule out against Neri’s petition. Magsasalita rin iyan sa Senado.”

“O magsisinungaling lang, as explained by senator Escudero should Senate agrees to a compromise agreement as suggested by the Supreme Court between the camp of Neri and the senators,” he countered.

“Hmmm… that’s a possibility Kulot.”

Silence. Kulot’s mom looked at him seriously. Kulot was a little bit uneasy. He knew something was brewing in the fertile mind of his mother.

“Kulot, I know you will be graduating this year with your ECE course. Curious lang ako, have you ever thought of becoming a doctor someday?”

“Yes mom, a doctor of disaster…”

“No Kulot, I am serious. Would you like to become a medical doctor someday?”

“Yes, but after listening to Dr. Golez so many times I just forewent the idea.”

“Sayang Kulot, you can be a great material for Malacanang.”

 “Mom naman, gagawin mo pa akong…”

“What about entering priesthood, bata ka pa. I can still shoulder your education with a little help from my friends in the Church.”

“Gusto mo akong maging bishop?”

“Right, para magkaroon ng panibagong Pastoral Letter ang CBCP.”

“Matagal pa iyon mom…”

“How about becoming a police general or a military chief of staff?”

“With my ECE course everybody will be wiretapped.”


Kulot looked at her mom like a little boy waiting for an answer to his silly question.      

“Hangang kailan makapagtitiis ang mga tao? Mom, what do you think, can we still muster a huge crowd similar to that of EDSA 2? ”

“Bakit naman hindi, for as long as there are students and people like you who risk their lives for the good of their people and country, there will always be a mammoth crowd in Ayala and even EDSA. Survey shows that 16% of those in Metro-Manila are willing to join rallies. Have you not figured out how large is that 16% of the 7 million people in Metro-Manila, isn’t it a very huge crowd?” What about those in the provinces, they have already shown their willingness to join big rallies in Manila. Harangan pa sila ng mga pulis. I believe some good guys in the military in the likes of Trillianes and Lim are just itching to see a critical mass of about a million people to make a decision.”

Kulot could not say anything. He remained motionless, apparently thinking.



“Don’t you hear the music?”

“I do mom, and understand it. The music will continue to play…”

“And we will always be there to sing our theme song, isn’t it Kulot?”

 “Yes mom, ang walang kamatayang, Let Me Try Again.”

Both sang it and laughed; and they were done with their breakfast.


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