Inspired by the Interfaith Rally in Ayala (Feb. 29, 2008)

I have been inspired by the turn out of people to join the Inter-faith Rally in Ayala composed of people from different walks of life. But I was most inspired by the huge groups of students from different schools, not only in Metro-Manila but from the provinces, trooping to Ayala to join the rally despite being blocked by the cops on their way. Having been at home most of the time, I do not join rally. I only watch them on the TV, but my heart is with them and the issues  they are fighting for. But last night my heart melted with shame after seeing a female student on wheelchair joining the rally. I made a promise to myself, just a promise, to be involved in whatever means I could to help restore honor and justice in this country. I write this blog to express my views and to call the attention of those in power to submit to the will of the people.  I believe it is my patriotic duty as a citizen to help protect the interest and freedom of this country.



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3 responses to “Inspired by the Interfaith Rally in Ayala (Feb. 29, 2008)

  1. momblogger

    Congratulations for taking the first step for change. I was there beside that girl in wheelchair.

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  3. secondlady

    Thank you for your encouragement, I hope in my little way I could contibute something in advocating reform and social justice in this land.

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